Ken Ketler

Here is some information about Ken Ketler. Ramshaw Records will be working with him, on his release of his track ‘Look Up’. The track is released on Friday September 27th 2019.


Ken Ketler went to recording school back in 1987 and learned on mostly analog equipment. He worked in a few New York and Boston-based recording studios as well as a mastering house down in Florida, before eventually being talked into pursuing a “real job” by his parents. Over the past few years, Ken has been finding lots of pleasure in buying various instruments and figuring out how to play them and work them into his tunes (dobro, mandolin, banjo, different guitars, lap steel, fretless bass, percussion instruments and some keys). He typically gets up in the early A.M. hours to write/play/record in the basement before work, when the house is quiet, being careful not to bother his wife and three kids. Since he uses a live drum kit, THAT obviously doesn’t happen at 4:00 A.M! Ken is currently a work-for-hire songwriter/musician for the Songs of Love Foundation; creating customized music for critically/chronically ill children of all ages. Ken’s music has been featured for over 2 years and is currently used daily on WZLX 100.7 FM Classic Rock in Boston during morning drive time and is also currently played on Let’s Talk About the Music (LTATM) as well as various other internet radio stations.


‘Look Up’ will be available from all major download and streaming stores, from Friday 27th September 2019.