Flirting With Spirits

Rising from the ashes of Cage & Co, Flirting With Spirits are now a collaboration of musicians worldwide. Musicians involved so far include the following artists.

Cage, Nick Mao, Derek Miller, Michael Maughan, Brian Morton, Todd A Curry, Alexander Johnson, Steve Parisien, James Myhill, Kevin Morris, Almost Awake (Grady Jones, Tommy Cochran, Addison Egelhoff, Vick Liano, Gabe Conover) Bob Warner, Gary Earl, Ralph Friedrichsen, Stuart Reilly, Roger Stephens, Brent Rader, Michael Guinn, Mana Kudou, John Hawkins, Glenn Young, Kjetil Landsgard, Chris Timbers, Tim Tucker, Michelle Malone and Nina Lee Music.



Here are their YouTube Videos.

Stand Your Feet Up Video          I Exist To Love You Video