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Here is a track called ‘Crosswords’ from the Cirkus 3, Pantomyme era. It features ‘Stu Blue McDade’ on harmonies backing up ‘Ian Weatherburn’ on lead vocals.

Here is a ‘taster’ from ‘Cirkus V’ This is ‘Attack Of The Mammoth’

The digital download for Cirkus IV ‘The Blue Star’ is available here,

Track Listing For Cirkus IV ‘The Blue Star’

1. Crossing The Rubycon.
2. I’ll Never know.
3. The Blue Star.
4. 19.
5. Requiem.
6. From The Grey Skies.
7. The Heaviest Stone.
8. Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind.
1. We have nothing further for these individuals.
2. Late last night.
3. Probe.
4. Like a mirage.

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Formed from the ashes of bands Moonhead and Lucas Tyson, the group’s high standard of musicianship was well known in their native north-east where they attracted much attention and had a devoted following. It was felt that the quintet could achieve success on a national scale, provided management handled matters properly and they got the right breaks. In 1973 they recorded their debut album “Cirkus One” at Sound Associates/Emison & Air Studios and just 1000 copies were pressed up. It is widely regarded by many collectors today as the most musically accomplished private pressing of its kind to emerge out of the UK’s then burgeoning progressive music scene, influenced by KING CRIMSON and YES. When in 1975 lead vocalist Paul Robson left the group, his replacement was Alan Roadhouse (ex Halfbreed) who also played the saxophone. With Dogg on acoustic and electric guitars, Derek Miller on keyboards, John Taylor on bass and main songwriter Stu McDade providing backing vocals, drums and assorted persussions, this became the new line-up. As a result the band moved away from their early symphonic style adopting a somewhat more mainstream approach albeit maintaining a certain “Cirkus sound”.

In 1977 CIRKUS made an unusual move by touring in a somewhat zany theatre production called “Future Shock”. Based on the musical, an LP of the same name was released, although none of the band members wrote any of the material. The LP was issued by Shock Records and is now very rare. The music is of a whimsical and offbeat nature, a far cry from the outfit’s prog-rock roots and therefore of limited appeal. A year later a CIRKUS track called “I’m On Fire” was featured on a “Battle Of The Bands” LP but this proved to be their final offering before the five went their separate ways in the early ’80s.

In 1994 was released “Cirkus II The Global Cut”, where only Derek Miller features from the original line-up. In 1998 the much anticipated and quite magnificent third CIRKUS album “Pantomyne” was finally unveiled. This splendid offering brought original members, and main songwriter, Stu McDade back into the fold and featured cameo performances by an array of other musicians most notably former frontman Alan Roadhouse, who played flute. Anyway “Cirkus One” remains an exquisite album of outstanding creativity much deserving its high standing in the kingdom of progressive rock.

Sadly Stu ‘Blue’ McDade passed away in 2016.

Cirkus IV “The Blue Star” was released on CD on June 19th 2017 and is dedicated to Stu.

They were signed by Ramshaw Records in 2016.


Here are their YouTube videos.

Brotherly Love Video          You Are Video          Live For the Moment (Director’s Cut) Video         Live For The Moment (Live At Clara Vale) Video
I’ll Never Know Video

Crossing The Rubycon Video            The Heaviest Stone Video     The Blue Star Video

Requiem Video                           From The Grey Skies Video