Cirkus V ‘Trapeze’

*Please head to our online store to purchase the new ‘Cirkus V’ CD ‘Trapeze’*

Cirkus V ‘Trapeze’ will be released in the UK on Friday 24th April 2020. It will be released on CD format, and will be available to purchase from our online store page.

Cirkus V Trapeze


  1. Fly Intro
  2. Late Heavy Bombardment
  3. Dying to be Living
  4. Trapeze
  5. Let the Darkness Fall
  6. When She Smiles
  7. I Feel It
  8. Another Day
  9. Fly
  10. Millions
  11. Fly By
  12. The Rising Tide

Cirkus V are:

Paul Moose Harris – Vocals

Mick Maughan – Vocals, Guitar and Production

Brian Morton – Bass

Nick Lmao – Vocals, Guitar and Production

Dave Ramshaw – Vocals and Management

Derek Miller – Keyboards and Programming

Michael Maddog Davis – Drums

Lesley Maughan – (Another Day) Voices

The artwork can be viewed below. It was designed by Steve Scanlan